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Board Duties and Requirements

The Board is responsible for and has authority over the overall management and performance of the Council, including the following areas:

  1. Strategic Planning, Policy and Evaluation: including assessing the needs of seniors, deciding key strategies toward the mission, setting organizational goals, establishing agency policy, approving and overseeing plans and services, ensuring legal compliance, and evaluating agency performance against the mission and organizational skills.

  2. Financial Health of CVCOA: including assuring alignment of resources with agency mission and goals, authorizing and monitoring the budget, conducting cost/benefit analysis on use of funds, ensuring needed funding is secured for the Council, assuring a strong fiscal accounting system that addresses both meaningful tracking of annual expenditures and long term fiscal stability of the agency.

  3. Community Relations and Advocacy: including understanding and interpreting the work of CVCOA to the community, representing CVCOA in a positive light in the community, and advocationg for the best interests of seniors and CVCOA.

  4. Oversight of the Executive Director: including recruiting and hiring, advising and supporting, ensuring ongoing professional development and conducting evaluation of the Executive Director.

  5. Board Development: including recruiting new Board members, evaluating Board performance and its capacity to support and protect the agency's mission, establishing constructive Board protocols for meetings, committee structures, decision making, election of offices, bylaws, etc, and ensuring ongoing and strong Board knowledge and skill development.

  6. Other Property and Business Affairs of CVCOA.