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February 13, 2024 Leah Kittredge 0.5 min read

A Trip to the Coast

CVCOA connects people. This summer, one of our case managers was able to connect a donor and a client in an unconventional but impactful way. 

James, an older Vermonter receiving Hospice care, was hoping to cross something off his bucket list with a trip to Maine. He traveled back to a town where he’d lived for several years. He wanted to tie up loose ends and let go of baggage.  

After the trip, James told me, “The trip to Maine was absolutely phenomenal . . . it changed my life. It’s changed how I think about Central Vermont Council on Aging, that’s for sure.”? 

If you want to support people to age with dignity and choice and have enriching experiences like James, consider a gift to CVCOA.