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March 20, 2024 Leah Kittredge 1.5 min read

Changing Lives

Bill, who has Lewy Body Dementia and other medical issues, and his primary caregiver, Donna, have been receiving Case Management Services from Andrew at CVCOA since May 2023. Donna was referred to CVCOA by the social worker at Bill’s primary care provider. Donna fondly recalls the first time Andrew came to see them, pulling up on his motorcycle. Since then, Andrew has connected the Pollards with a plethora of life changing services, included Choices for Care, Capstone weatherization, a free mail order pharmacy program, a new furnace/hot water heater, the erasure of medical bills, and an upcoming VT Center for Independent Living home modification program (bathroom renovation).     

Donna had known that their furnace was bad, but said there was no way they could afford another furnace without financial assistance. She had also given up on trying to bathe Bill in their small shower stall and now, thanks to Andrew’s connections, is in the process of having the bathroom retrofitted so it is handicap accessible. The Pollards no longer have to pay copays for Bill’s medication, and they’ve been able to increase their budget since Donna gets paid through the Choices for Care program, all thanks to Andrew’s intervention.  

Andrew comes to visit Bill every month and just sits and listens, not minding if Bill tells him the same story each time. The Pollards think the world of him. He even helped a friend of theirs connect her out-of-state relative to their local council on aging. As Andrew says, “As their case manager, I can be their point person as someone who is familiar with the programs and offerings that can be useful to them.” The Pollard’s story highlights the power of CVCOA Case Management Services to change lives for the better. Call the toll-free statewide Helpline at (800) 642-5119 to see how CVCOA can help you or your loved ones.