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December 09, 2022 Leanne Hoppe 9.5 min read

December 2022 Newsletter

December Highlights

  • We've entered the darkest month of the year. While made magical through the glow of a fire, the darkness can also provoke feelings of loneliness. Consider your social needs and the social needs of others during this time and learn more in this blog post.
  • Our communities are like structures that support people’s safety and wellbeing. One of the most important ways we can all contribute to this ongoing construction project is by looking out for warning signs of maltreatment. It’s on all of us to Prevent Elder Abuse
  •  Want to contribute to an older adult's "quality of life?" Volunteer your time by delivering meals or helping kitchen staff. One Meals on Wheels (MOW) recipient says, "Always appreciative of MOW team. ?From those that prepare the food to those that deliver. ?Adds quality to my life and I have something to look forward to. ?Thank you for the drivers. "
  • CVCOA took the AARP Employer pledge, honoring our commitment to valuing experience and welcoming older workers. Join us and learn how hiring employees age 50+ benefits your workplace.

Special Event

Technology 4 Tomorrow Session: How to Share Your Artwork on Zoom

Tuesday December 13th 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
@ Online: ZOOM  (Click here for Zoom link)


Attention Creative Care Kit participants and artists! Learn ways you can share your artwork and other documents with the group during a Zoom meeting. Please have a digital file sample ready for practice. 


Did you know we have drop-in technology sessions twice a month? Join us on the first Tuesday of the month at 10:30 AM and/or the third Thursday at 3:00 PM. More info at


View the full calendar of events at, where you can find details about our programs, including Memorable Times Cafés, Medicare and You workshops, volunteer trainings, and more!

Give the Gift of Home

For Jeanne, home means “the space where I may welcome friends, family, the unexpected visitor with a cup of tea, some food I've made with love . . . the place where I may listen and share what life is offering us at the moment.” 


You can give this feeling of home, providing older adults with a meal to share or a friendly chit-chat with their Meals on Wheels delivery driver.  

Make Your Gift Today

Community Resources

  • 3Squares Vermont is doubling your benefits through Crop Cash again this winter at local farmers markets. Learn more about your eligibility for 3Squares by calling our Helpline at 802-477-1364. 
  • Capstone Community Action in Barre, VT is launching a new, affordable transportation service in Central VT to increase access for people living in rural and remote areas, at times of day and days of the week public transit isn’t available. They are looking for community feedback on brand names that they have come up with. Please consider answering this short survey here:, and share your email address if you would like to be entered into a raffle for a $50 grocery gift card.
  • Partners, commit to changing the narrative around aging by downloading the Quick Start Guide from Reframing Aging.