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May 09, 2023 Leanne Hoppe 1 min read

Falls Prevention

Take Control of Your Health: 6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

Every 11 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency
department for a fall-related injuery. Many falls are
preventable. Stay safe with these tips!

  1. Find a good balance and exercise program. Look to build balance, strength, and flexibility. Contact the CVCOA Helpline for referrals. Find a program you like and take a friend.
  2. Talk to your health care provider. Ask for an assessment of your risk of falling. Share your history of recent falls.
  3. Regularly review your medications with your doctor or pharmacist. Make sure side effects aren't increasing your risk of falling. Take medications only as prescribed.
  4. Get your vision and hearing checked annually and update your eyeglasses. Your eyes and ears are key to keeping you on your feet.
  5. Keep your home safe. Remove tripping hazards, increase lighting, make stairs safe, and install grab bars in key areas.
  6. Talk to your family members. Enlist their support in taking simple steps to stay safe. Falls are not just an issue for older adults. 

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