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August 02, 2023 Leanne Hoppe 1.5 min read

Response to July 2023 Flood

Another emergency.  This time caused by something we can see and feel, not by an invisible adversary. 

This one has caused damage and destruction mostly to property and infrastructure. The last one, damaged and killed many people. 

This one will be overcome by rebuilding physical structures and support from the community.  The last one was overcome by science and government intervention. 

What they have in common, however, is the damage done to mental health, our sense of well-being and, for many, our positive outlook on life. 

I want to assure everyone that the CVCOA is here, helping existing and new clients, and reaching out to those who may need our assistance and do not even know it. We have been working steadily throughout the recovery and will continue to offer the full range of services we always have and always will do. 

Thanks to our generous community partners, we have had additional emergency funding made available to us to help with immediate needs for food, clothing, transportation, minor home repairs, and other emergency purposes. We are confident that even more funding will be made available to us in due course. 

We are grateful to all our usual volunteers and to all those new volunteers who have stepped up to the plate to assist older Vermonters in Central Vermont.  This has been especially true for volunteers helping our Meals on Wheels partners throughout the region.  Having lived in Europe for many years, I can tell you that one of the things that makes the U. S. unique is our strong culture of volunteerism.   

I want to personally thank ALL the CVCOA staff, management, and volunteers for what you do every day to help our clients. It is all of you with your dedication, passion, and skill sets that make CVCOA the strong and effective organization it is and allows us to serve older Vermonters throughout the region with empathy, compassion, kindness, and understanding.  Please know that your efforts are recognized and appreciated by all. 

Thank you.