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January 25, 2024 Leah Kittredge 1.5 min read

Stepping Up to Help

This past summer CVCOA Case Manager Bill Merrylees had the pleasure of working with David and Judy Murphy of Central Vermont Mission (CVM) to help some CVCOA clients be able to enter and leave their homes safely. David and Judy founded CVM, an organization dedicated to helping residents of central VT and the Northeast Kingdom maintain their homes, back in 2011. They tackle minor and major repairs and modest remodeling, including the building of ramps, and have had well over 40 volunteer groups from throughout the country come and do work in our communities. In this particular case, it was a group of retired handymen from a church in Pennsylvania who came here via CVM and stepped up to help seniors in our community. 

A couple in Middlesex were in serious need of new steps to their front door. The existing steps were very rickety and despite being cobbled back together several times, were on the verge of collapse. Another mobility challenged and legally blind client really needed a ramp to their door to safely get in and out of the house.  

CVM enacted our mission to help older Vermonters age with dignity and choice. Not only did they rebuild the three stairs, but they also created a landing with a railing and an overhang above the door to protect anyone standing on the steps from rain and weather. The client who needed a ramp received a wonderful ramp. "These are kind of deluxe", said Bill. Due to the labor being carried out by volunteers, the only cost was that of materials. David set up a materials account at RK Miles Lumber where community members can make donations to pay for the cost of materials.  

These clients now are not only able to stay in their homes and move in and out more freely, they are SAFE to enter and leave their homes without fear of a fall. 

Find out more about how you can make a difference in someone’s life by volunteering with CVCOA!