Our Leadership

CVCOA's leadership is dedicated to improving the lives of older adults in Central Vermont.

CVCOA is led by three groups of individuals committed to improving the lives of older adults in Central Vermont. Click on the links below to learn more about each group.

Board of Directors

CVCOA's Advisory Council

Management Team

A message for John Mandeville, CVCOA's Executive Director

The leadership of any organization is crucial to its success, and I believe this to be even more so for non-profit organizations like CVCOA. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and caring staff and are just as fortunate to have dedicated and caring members of our Management Team, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council.

Our Board is comprised of local community members who volunteer their time to assist in the creation and implementation of policy and the governance of CVCOA. All Board members are volunteers and generously give their time, expertise, and wisdom as their way to contribute to CVCOA’s ability to achieve its mission.

The Advisory Council also consists of all volunteers, but their function is different from the Board’s. They assist in the creation of the four-year Area Plan under which CVCOA operates and the periodic updates which must be filed with the State of Vermont every six months.

Our Management Team consists of talented professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to guide CVCOA through our daily operations and work tirelessly with their staffs to ensure that the services we provide our clients not only meet but exceed their needs within the constraints of the statutes, legislative mandates, available funding and, in many cases, just the number of hours in the day we have available to work.

It is the staff and management supported by our Board of Directors and Advisory Council that allow CVCOA to effectively provide a full range of support services to thousands of older Central Vermonters every year.