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CVCOA is incredibly grateful to all the businesses, organizations, towns, and individuals who make our work possible.

For more information about giving to CVCOA, including donating your vehicle and remembering CVCOA in your Will or Trust, please call us at 1 (802)479-1953.


Foundations and Grants

Arthur L. & Frances P. Hyde Fund 
Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Inc.
The Copley Fund

Key Sponsors

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In Honor of Donations In Memory of Donations

In Honor of Arlene and Becky Wright
    Frankenburg Agency
In Honor of Barb Asen
    Sherly Asen
    Diana Celia

In Honor of Beth Stern
    Robert Borden
    Patricia French
    John Gardner
    Cynthia Jackson
    Phyllis Rubenstein
    Michael Sherman
    Bob Stern

In Honor of CVCOA Staff and Volunteers
    Barb Asen
In Honor of Cynthia Jackson
    Nancy Rice
In Honor of Dante DeNault
    Sylvia Gingras
In Honor of Ellen Gershen
    Richard & Diana Fadden
    Joyce & Dennis Beaudin
    Jacqueline Chase

In Honor of Ellie Hayes
    Fedora Somaini
In Honor of Joy and Rod Beynon, Hayden Scott Family, Rick Theken Family
    Judy Cookson
In Honor of Mary “Boots” Eikum
    Cassandra Major 
In Honor of My 67 Years
    Richard Roderick
In Honor of Vermont Electric Coop Member
    Andrea Cohen

In Memory of Arlene Wright
    Patsy & Patrick French
In Memory of Barbara Bohn
    Charles Bohn
In Memory of Beth Sabens
    Laurie & Kip Sabens
In Memory of Cancer Victims
    Duane Chase
In Memory of Carol Duprus
    Nancy Brown
In Memory of Donald Harding
Edith Harding
In Memory of E. Bruce Nelson
    Catherine Nelson
In Memory of Edith Gomez
    Ivana Argenti
    Barbara Fantoni
    Karen Gordon
    Carol Graham
    Flora O’Hara
    Jo Ann Ornitz

In Memory of Elloweene Flint
    Nancy Brown
In Memory of Elwin Jones
    Reta Hebert
In Memory of Eric Ginette, Murray Joseph Labman
    Sandra Mennella
In Memory of Florence Perrin
    Margaret Hood
In Memory of Fred Carty
    Theresa Carty
In Memory of Geneva Gaiko
    Shirley Nelson

In Memory of Grace P. Saynard
    Donald Provasi
In Memory of Gretchen Priest
    Ann Sairs
In Memory of Jessica Sanderson, MSAC
    Susan Gilmore
In Memory of Joseph V. Hayden, MD
    Mary Hayden
In Memory of Madeline T. Gregoire
    Kelly Foss
In Memory of Mrs. Sadie Kennedy
    Ted & Shirley Nelson
In Memory of My Parents
    Frank Godfrey
In Memory of Penny Walker Reen
    Rhoda Bedell
In Memory of Phillip Gibbs
    Wade & Lori Holt
In Memory of Phyllis Gonzalez
    Dennis Lucas
In Memory of Ralph Persons
    Betsy Persons
In Memory of Reg Cooley
    Theresa Benway
In Memory of Sewall Williams
    Barbara Barickman